torrents and google drive

Whats the difference between these 2 words?

All pirates nowdays have big problem. Some sites closing and new hard to find. For now it looks like more profitable upload torrent file, i mean, movie, film, music, tv series, applications direct to google drive, or other file transfer, share or storage website like google drive, cloudfile or mediafıre.

This year in Google Drive has found more than 10 000 suspended files which mean here was 10 000 copywrited or pirated files like movies, music, or application which people cant share.

For torrent community maybe its better, cause pirates can upload file direct without any bittorrent files. So, downloading and uploading like this p2p not required anymore. Also, you can find link with p2p bittorent file or instant link to youtube video.This new feature founded this year its good – but torrent sites start die. One problem solved, next coming.

Uploaded files like in storage site, or google drive, could be shared easy. People can share link with facebook, twiter friends on easy way. Like files going viral, who could stop that? no one. So like we said one problem fixed, when torrents start die, but i think bigger problem come. Viral shares no one can stop.

In some countries like spain, torrents still working, and looks like growing. Site like: mejortorrent, got huge amount of people and here coming more and more people. They watching films, movies, tv shows and series, downloading applications and music. Or getting what they want or whats the available.

Maybe torrents still not dieing? and google drive still not so strong?

Post info picked from: dailymail about torrents.

Will see at 2018.